Recovers recognized by the White House as “Champions of Change”

On Tuesday, July 23, Recovers was honored as one of 7 “Champions of Change” at the White House in Washington, DC. Caitria O’Neill, Co-founder and CEO of Recovers accepted the award. You can see video of the acceptance and a blog post that will run on the White House website below. 



Recovers – White House Champions of Change

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US Hurricanes, a Primer

file0001534313837Hurricanes are giant, ocean-based, spinning storms that can carry wind speeds of 150 mph or more. You can’t recognize a hurricane from the ground. They are so big — often hundreds of miles across — that we can only recognize their distinct swirling shape and eye with radar and satellite imagery. However, if they come onto land, there’s no mistaking how powerful and dangerous they can be. The United States is under threat from hurricanes every year, and scientists continue to improve forecasting models to help keep us safe.
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