A Year After Hurricane Sandy, Community-Powered Recovery Gains Traction

(Originally published on Huffington Post)

What was your first experience with “disaster?” Did you watch the aerial footage of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? Are you a New Yorker who lost power or a car during Hurricane Sandy? Lose power during an ice storm? Everybody’s story is personal — my first taste of disaster was a tornado wrecking my home in 2011. You dust yourself off and move on.

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The Care and Feeding of Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms. Sure, they’re not as exciting as your big screen television. But they are way more likely to save your life. Over 3,400 people die and over 17,500 are injured each year in fires, many of which occur in homes.┬áMost fatal fires occur at night. You should have a smoke alarm – not because it is cool and/or sexy, but because it will keep you alive.

Get one. Pretend its a pet. Name it. Keep it alive and it may save your life someday.


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