In-Kind Donation Management, Simplified


After every emergency (fire, hurricane, terrorist attack, etc.), there will be in-kind donations such as clothing, food, and supplies. Without an effective donation management system, making efficient use of these items becomes a logistical nightmare. And, unfortunately, a warehouse full of unused clothing and supplies is an all too common scene in disaster recovery.


The Problem

After a disaster happens, there is an overwhelming flood of in-kind donations to an affected area that makes them difficult to collect, manage, and distribute. This difficulty can be broken down into three main problems:

  1. They arrive all at once (about 70% come in the first 4-7 days)
  2. They are collected at multiple locations
  3. You get a ton of items that are not needed

These problems lead to a pile of unnecessary and undocumented donations spread over a large geographic area that may never be used.


The Solution

An effective donation management system must solve these problems. This can be achieved by:

  1. Allowing individuals to donate online into a centralized, secure database
  2. Allowing all recovery organizations access to the donations database
  3. Allowing organizations to contact donors for their donations as they are needed

This allows a community to efficiently collect and utilize all potential donations both in the immediate response and long term recovery, without having a warehouse full of unnecessary donations. 


How Recovers Simplifies Donation Management

The Recovers donation management system empowers all of the organizations in a community to manage in-kind donations. How does it work?

  1. Individual or organization goes to his/her community’s Recovers website and enters a description of their donation and contact info.donationstep1
  2. All vetted local organizations have access to the secure database of donations.donationstep2
  3. The donor is contacted by an organization when his/her donation is needed.donationstep3


Want to see the Recovers system in action? Check out this video:



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Chris Kuryak is the Chief Operating Officer at Recovers. He holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. He was the President of the MIT Film Club and on the staff of the MIT Clean Energy Prize. He worked for four years at Athena Manufacturing in Austin, Texas after receiving a B.S. from the University of Texas at Austin. He spends his free time working on independent films, playing videogames, and traveling.

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