Recovers websites are now free

Based on your feedback and our mission to help as many communities around the world as possible, our community organizing platform is now free for every community, everywhere. Any organization can now create or join a Recovers site in just 10 minutes.

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Create a Recovers website before a disaster to build community resilience. Local organizations can list their locations and contact information, as well as any services they provide to the community.

After a disaster, a Recovers site organizes disaster relief and recovery. It provides a central hub where all local organizations can share information and manage the volunteers, donations, and needs in your community.

Want to see how it works? Check out the training video:

Training Video ScreenshotwPlayButton

We’d love to hear your feedback! This is a big step for us. So give us a shout at

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Chris Kuryak is the Chief Operating Officer at Recovers. He holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. He was the President of the MIT Film Club and on the staff of the MIT Clean Energy Prize. He worked for four years at Athena Manufacturing in Austin, Texas after receiving a B.S. from the University of Texas at Austin. He spends his free time working on independent films, playing videogames, and traveling.

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