30 Days 30 Ways — Improving community preparedness with a game


Improving community preparedness is tough. Trying to invent your own engagement strategy can seem overwhelming. But the Clark Regional Services Emergency Agency has teamed up with Firelily to create the 30 Days 30 Ways game to help raise community preparedness in any neighborhood. Here is the gist:

Who: For residents and communities
What: Complete preparedness tasks to earn points and prizes
Where: Online at the 30 Days 30 Ways website, Facebook, and Twitter
Why: Improve resident preparedness throughout your community
When: Starts Sept. 1
Time Commitment: 30 sec to 30 min per task

How it works

  1. Each day in September, a new task is posted on their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.
  2. Complete the task and answer via email, Facebook, Twitter, or website.
  3. Earn points for your answer.
  4. Those with the most points can earn $10-25 Amazon gift cards.

Contribute to the prizes

Head over to the Donation Page to contribute to the campaign. All donations go to purchasing Amazon gift cards for the winning participants.

Spread the word to your community

This is an easy way to increase preparedness in your community. There have been 18,000 tasks completed across 44 states and 38 countries. The goal is to get all 50 states participating this year. So spread the word to your residents, to your friends, and to your local organizations!

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