Hello world, we are Team Recovers

We help communities prepare for and recover from disasters.  You can learn more here, or on our website. 

Interested in getting in touch, or want more information? Drop us a line at support@recovers.orgsign up for our newsletter, or let us know if you’d like to be one of our partners.

Our Story

Co-founders Caitria and Morgan created a functional infrastructure for recovery after an EF3 tornado in their hometown of Monson, MA. Read more here.

Recovers.org is the idealization of the infrastructure they built: a clean, easy-to-use recovery software framework that can be deployed before a disaster to prepare communities.
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  1. Hey guys,
    I’m one of the core developers on a project called Byzantium. The project is an emergency mesh networking system that runs on commonly available hardware (laptops and any other x86 based machines with wifi cards). We would like to talk to you to at the very least pick your brains about the situation on the ground immediately after the disaster so we can better tailor our efforts to meet the needs of the people we’re trying to enable. Our website is http://project-byzantium.org we would lover to hear from you soon as we will be going to Barcelona, Spain in October for a conference on mesh network interoperability and would like to get a fuller picture of our particular scope of interest (we are also the only group there specifically focused on emergencies as far as I know).

    Chris (haxwithaxe)

  2. In 2004 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, I was in Colorado and watched the horrific scenes and lack of prep for a disaster , during and after. Then, listening to your story on TED.com reminded me of the same thing. But, you lived it! From that you took action and created something that helps people. When chaos ensues and no one takes charge or assumes command, everyone is a chicken with its head cut off. Y’all were the rooster and commanded.

    I’ve been in the safety industry, mainly in Aquatics for almost 20 years. I honestly cannot say that I could do what you did…until you are put to the test. I was but it was with one person. At the time I worked at Walt Disney World as a Recreation Coordinator. I went to my first emergency and just like you, I saw chaos. As I got there, no one was taking charge. To afraid or stunned at what was happening. I took charge. No, the lady did not live. But we worked together as a team.

    This is true of your story. You took action and saved peoples lives because of action. If this happened in Jacksonville, Florida in my section of town, in my neighborhood, on my street; what would we do? Kudos to what you are doing. I would love to have some dialogue with you about what you do. Thank you for your courage to step up!


    Tukz Taaca
    Co-Owner and Lead Instructor

    • Great feedback RecoveryDiva. We’re still in the process of choosing a WordPress theme, and I will make sure that the one we settle on has larger font and is much easier to navigate. Thank you!
      -Caitria O’Neill

  3. Hi,

    I was just wondering why your software is not a free software (free as in free speech, not as in free beer).

    If it was shared on github for instance, i believe it may be internationalized (in french, spanish, japanese…).

    But in any case, congratulation for your involvement.

    Best regards


  4. Hi,
    I love what you are doing, first seeing your presentation on Ted. I’ve written a post about your site and I do hope that I’ve gotten all the details correct. Feel free to pop on over and correct me if I’m wrong. Cheers

  5. Just heard you on NPR this morning re the tornado in Oklahoma. Love your ideas and energy.. SIPOX makes a temporary disaster relief shelter that can be stockpiled flat before a disaster, trucked to sites, and assembled in hours. When disaster housing is no longer needed and can be esaily taken apart and the Structural Insulated Panels reused in new homes or buildings.
    Empty can sleep many, Set up as temporary home, can sleep six for months.

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